Limit Switches

Heavy Duty Industrial Limit Switch PSKU-□R25C□ PIKU-□R25C□ (Medium-Capacity Type)

Limit switch with built-in Bestact contacts
(R25) for excellent environmental resistance.

◼ These types of limit switches have been used for many years as position detection switches for cranes and trolleys in steel, chemical plant and cement manufacturing facilities.
◼ These limit switches use Bestact (R25) for the built-in contacts, and are hardly affected by environmental influences such as dust, gas, high temperature and high humidity, and have excellent contact reliability.
◼ These limit switches are suitable for a wide range of applications, from micro current circuits at signal level to power circuits for inductive load switching.
PIK□ series and PSK□ series with air contacts built into the ▼ contact section are also available.
Please consider this when you need to directly control equipment with a large load capacity. For details, please download the catalog from here.
Rated operating current of PIK□ and PSK□ with built-in air contact
AC100-110V 10A
AC200-220V 10AAC400-440V 5AAC500-550V 3A
DC100-110V 3A
DC200-220V 2A

If the installation location is in an environment with corrosive gas or humidity that may cause contact failure of the air contacts, consider the PSKU-□R25C□□ and PIKU-□R25C□□ models with built-in Bestact contacts on this page.