Where to Use Bestact

Bestact has been adopted in various living infrastructures and industrial facilities due to its features such as high reliability and long life.

Railway Vehicle

Used in interface relays for automatic train controllers, tilting systems, and VVVF inverter controllers on Shinkansen bullet trains, as well as in switches for door open/close detection.

Railroad Signal

These relays are used for signal switching in ATS (Automatic Train Stop System). We meet the requirements of vibration resistance, high contact reliability, and maintainability.

Steel, Chemical and Petroleum Plant

They are used in position sensors and actuators for various machines under severe operating environmental conditions involving dust, corrosive gases, rainwater (sludge), and salt damage due to the handling of various raw materials and their location in coastal areas.

General Industry

Proximity switches are used in heavy machinery and general industrial machinery (machines that are exposed to oil, dust, water, etc.).

Electric Power Facility

In the event of an accident or breakdown in an extra-high-voltage power network, the relay is used in the command relay that operates the circuit breaker that stops the transmission of power on that section of the network.

Medical Equipment

Bestact is used in foot switches that operate medical equipment.

Vegetable Factory

Bestact is used in the vertical conveyor robot command relay in vegetable production plants.


Bestact is used in sensors installed in elevators to detect the stop position in order to prevent the doors from operating in the "open" state at the elevator stop position.

Difference Between Bestact and General Reed Switches

The unique contact structure provides overwhelming advantages in terms of contact capacity and small size.

Differences Between Bestact Relays and Others' Relays

Bestact has a long service life due to short breaking time and low wear and tear on the contacts because of the glow discharge breaking.

Specifications of High Power Reed Switch: Bestact

Detailed specifications of Bestact are here.

Mechanisms During Operation and Release

The spring force is utilized during operation and release, and the structure is vibration- and shock-resistant.

How to Use Bestact

There are "electromagnetic coil" and "permanent magnet" operating methods.

Where to Use Bestact

Taking advantage of their features such as high reliability and long life, our products are used in a wide variety of living infrastructures and industrial facilities.