Management Philosophy, Quality Policy, Sustainability Policy, Green Procurement

Management Philosophy
We will continue to challenge the safety and security of the world with our highly reliable switches.
Quality Policy
We will pursue industry-leading quality in all processes from product development to manufacturing and sales.
At the same time, we will strive to satisfy our customers by providing high quality products through continuous quality assurance and quality control activities.

1. to always be conscious of the quality we aim for
2. act on site, on actual products, and on the real world.
3. Build quality into our own processes.
Sustainability Policy
We are guided by the Yaskawa Group's management philosophy of "contributing to the development of society at large and to the welfare of humankind through the execution of our business activities.
We will strive to realize a sustainable society and increase our corporate value through the implementation of this philosophy.

1. We will contribute to the creation of value for our customers and society through innovation based on state-of-the-art mechatronics technology.
2. to achieve fair, transparent, and trustworthy management through dialogue and collaboration with our stakeholders around the world
3. We will work to solve social issues on a global scale with the aim of achieving the SDGs, a set of globally agreed-upon goals.

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About Green Procurement
We promote activities in accordance with the procurement guidelines of the Yaskawa Group.
In procuring products, materials, raw materials, and other items, the Yaskawa Group expects its suppliers to work together with the Yaskawa Group to ensure that their products, materials, and raw materials meet our guidelines, which cover quality, performance, price, and delivery time, as well as other CSR factors such as the environment, labor, and human rights.
By ensuring that our suppliers comply with our guidelines, which include CSR elements such as the environment, labor environment, and human rights in addition to the conventional quality, performance, price, and delivery of products, materials, and raw materials, the Yaskawa Group will contribute to solving social issues throughout the entire supply chain, both now and in the future.
We will strive to continue our business while contributing to the resolution of social issues throughout our supply chain, now and in the future.

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