Mechanisms During Operation and Release

Backstop Mechanism
The contact tip is pressed against the glass tube by the force of the return spring when .
→ Vibration- and shock-resistant structure even in a non-excitation state.

Wiping Contact Mechanism
The contact parts make contact through motion to with a wiping motion.
→Cleans the contact surface.

Hammering Mechanism
When the pulling force of the contacts is lost, the moving contact is flicked off by the energy of the spring on the fixed contact side when to .
→Breaks contact’s minor welding and melting bridge.

Difference Between Bestact and General Reed Switches

The unique contact structure provides overwhelming advantages in terms of contact capacity and small size.

Differences Between Bestact Relays and Others' Relays

Bestact has a long service life due to short breaking time and low wear and tear on the contacts because of the glow discharge breaking.

Specifications of High Power Reed Switch: Bestact

Detailed specifications of Bestact are here.

Mechanisms During Operation and Release

The spring force is utilized during operation and release, and the structure is vibration- and shock-resistant.

How to Use Bestact

There are "electromagnetic coil" and "permanent magnet" operating methods.

Where to Use Bestact

Taking advantage of their features such as high reliability and long life, our products are used in a wide variety of living infrastructures and industrial facilities.