What is High Power Reed Switch: Bestact?

Bestact is a high-power reed switch.
Bestact has a double structure, separating the magnetic contact part and the electrical contact part and employing the most suitable materials and construction for each.
This unique structure gives Bestact various advantages in terms of contact capacity and size in comparison with standard reed switches.

Structure and Features of Bestact

Structure of Bestact

① Magnetic Members  ② Backstop Mechanism  ③ Retern Spring
④ Contact Parts  ⑤ Contact chip  ⑥ Inert Gas  ⑦ Glass Tube

Features of Bestact
High Carry Current: 13A
  • Enables 13A Carry Current, the largest value in dry reed switches, 2 to 5 times greater* than competitors.
  • Even if several contacts are used to carry more than 10A, Bestact allows you to use only one Bestact instead, enabling you to downsize your devices and reduce costs.
Large Contact Capacity and High Insulation Resistance in a Small Size
  • Maximum Contact capacity of 200W, insulation resistance of 10¹³Ω, and approximately 18% smaller* than competing products with the same characteristics (glass tube length 37mm).
  • The smallest size in the industry for high-power reed switches, enabling miniaturization of devices.
Suitable for a Wide Range of Loads, Including Micro-loads and Inductive Loads
  • Able to operate at a micro load of 5V DC 1mA with a failure rate λ₆₀= 5 ×1⁻⁸/times or less.
  • Able to directly switch inductive load equipment with a large time constant.
  • No protection circuit required when using inductive load 110V DC 0.5A (L/R=100ms).
By adopting Bestactas a contacts for power relays and limit switches, higher reliability and durability can also be expected.
*Comparison of catalog values of reed switches based on our own research as of May 2024

Difference Between Bestact and General Reed Switches

The unique contact structure provides overwhelming advantages in terms of contact capacity and small size.

Differences Between Bestact Relays and Others' Relays

Bestact has a long service life due to short breaking time and low wear and tear on the contacts because of the glow discharge breaking.

Specifications of High Power Reed Switch: Bestact

Detailed specifications of Bestact are here.

Mechanisms During Operation and Release

The spring force is utilized during operation and release, and the structure is vibration- and shock-resistant.

How to Use Bestact

There are "electromagnetic coil" and "permanent magnet" operating methods.

Where to Use Bestact

Taking advantage of their features such as high reliability and long life, our products are used in a wide variety of living infrastructures and industrial facilities.