Difference Between Bestact and General Reed Switches

Although often compared with "general reed switches" due to their similar appearance, the contact capability of the BESTACT, based on its unique structural design, is significantly superior in terms of contact capacity and electrical life.

General Reed Switches

According to IEC 62246-1-1, a reed switch is defined as follows.
"assembly containing contact blades, partly or completely made of magnetic material, hermetically sealed in an envelope and controlled by means of an externally generated magnetic field." 

In other words, the construction consists of three parts: a movable reed, a fixed reed and a glass tube, with two pieces of reed placed in the glass tube, overlapping each other with a gap between them.When a magnetic field is created in the surroundings by bringing a magnet close or exciting a coil, the two pieces of reed close, and when the external magnetic field weakens, they return to their original position and open, thus acting as a switch.

High Power Reed Switch: Bestact

Among reed switches, Bestact is classified as a heavy-duty reed switch and is defined in the IEC 62246-1-1 as follows.
“Reed switch, in which greater switching capacity is achieved.”
“Blades having additional contact tips or a contact tip and spring which separate the magnetic path and electric path are typical examples of techniques to increase switching capacity.”

In other words, Bestact is High-performance contact due to unique structure.
The Bestact has a double structure, separating the magnetic contact part and the electrical contact part and employing the most suitable materials and construction for each. This unique structure gives Bestact various advantages in terms of contact capacity and size in comparison with standard reed switches.

Separation of magnetic contact part and electric contact part

While a general reed switch (left in the figure below) has the magnetic contact and the contact part in common, the Bestact (right in the figure below) has each part separated to stabilize the operation. 


A:Magnetic circuit  B:Electric circuit
General Reed Switch Appearance
Bestact Appearance

Difference Between Bestact and General Reed Switches

The unique contact structure provides overwhelming advantages in terms of contact capacity and small size.

Differences Between Bestact Relays and Others' Relays

Bestact has a long service life due to short breaking time and low wear and tear on the contacts because of the glow discharge breaking.

Specifications of High Power Reed Switch: Bestact

Detailed specifications of Bestact are here.

Mechanisms During Operation and Release

The spring force is utilized during operation and release, and the structure is vibration- and shock-resistant.

How to Use Bestact

There are "electromagnetic coil" and "permanent magnet" operating methods.

Where to Use Bestact

Taking advantage of their features such as high reliability and long life, our products are used in a wide variety of living infrastructures and industrial facilities.