Low-voltage electromagnetic contactor

Low voltage electromagnetic contactor HU type

DC/AC dual-use, high electrical and mechanical durability, and easy maintenance and inspection.
Various contact configurations are available.


■Variety of Contact Arrangements
Both main and auxiliary contacts may be converted from NO to NC or vice versa to suit any specific application.
■Greater Mechanical Withstandabillity under Heavy Duty
The contactors are sturdily constructed of thoroughly inspected high quality components. The moving shaft is supported on a synthetic resin bearing which requires no lubrication, extending mechanical life.
■High Performance and Long electrical Life
All contactors are designed and engineered to surpass JEM*performance standards, and assure long electrical life.
■Greater Environmental Immunity
The contactors are impervious to environmental hazards. They give successful operation, even in dusty atmospheres-no humming of the magnets and no changes in operating characteristics.
■Ease of Inspection and Maintenance
The contactors permit easy access to their components and parts from the front for inspection and maintenance.

*Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association.