DIN Rail Mounting Relays

2-pole relay RB-2D2520C (Medium-Capacity Type) RB-2D520C (Large-Capacity Type)

DIN rail mounting type interface relay suitable for input and output circuits of PLCs and microcomputers.

◼ These relays are reliable in a wide range of applications, from small current circuits at signal level to power circuits for switching inductive loads.
◼ The wide range of current capacity allows direct switching of inductive loads when used with PLC signal output.
◼ The power consumption of the coil is small, and the temperature rise in the switchboard can be suppressed.
◼ The operation time and recovery time are as fast as less than 5 ms each, making it suitable for agile control drives.
◼ The 2a contact model is available in medium or large capacity depending on the current capacity of the load.