High power reed switch: Bestact

BRE-13203A *Coming Soon

Carry current: 13A
Contact rating: 200W
Insulation resistance: 10¹³Ω
Glass tube length: 37㎜
Able to handle a wide range of loads, including micro-loads and inductive loads.


High Carry Current: 13A

・Enables 13A Carry Current, the largest value in dry reed switches, 2 to 5 times greater than the competitors.*
・Even if several contacts are used to carry more than 10A, Bestact allows you to use only one Bestact instead, enabling you to downsize your devices and reduce costs.
 *Comparison of catalog values of reed switches based on our own research as of May 2024.

Large Contact Capacity and High Insulation Resistance in a Small Size

・Maximum Contact capacity of 200W, insulation resistance of 10¹³Ω, and approximately 18% smaller than competing products with the same characteristics. (glass tube length 37mm)
・The smallest size in the industry for high-power reed switches, enabling miniaturization of devices.

Able to handle a wide range of loads, including micro-loads and inductive loads.

・Able to operate at a micro load of 5V DC 1mA with a failure rate λ₆₀ = 5 × 10⁻⁸/time or less.
・Able to directly switch inductive load equipment with a high time constant.
・No protection circuit required when using inductive load 110V DC 0.5A (L/R100ms).