Market: Elevator

Bestact products with built-in Bestact contacts have been highly evaluated for their environmental resistance and operating characteristics, as well as their long life with no need for a power supply.
Since 1981, Bestact has been a long-selling product used in elevators, trolleys, and other elevator and escalator equipment.

① Door-closing security device

Bestact magnetic proximity switches are used as floor arrival switches for elevators.
It detects the coincidence of the elevator floor surface with the arrival floor surface and outputs a command to open the door.


Conventional photoelectric sensors require a power supply and can malfunction in response to insects or condensation. In addition, sensors with built-in reed switches could malfunction due to stray capacitance in the wires.

The PSMO series of Bestact magnetic proximity switches, therefore, does not require a power supply and saves wiring, and reduces the risk of malfunctions due to insects, condensation, etc., thereby realizing stable position detection.
In addition, the large input capacity of the contacts reduces the risk of failure due to stray capacitance of the wires.

 Adopted Product

② Elevator Cage Position Detection Switch

Bestact magnetic proximity switches are used as switches for detecting the position of the elevator car. The switches installed on each floor are activated by the passage of the elevator and retain their operating state to detect the elevator position based on the contact state of the switches. In the event of a power failure, the contact state is maintained, so that the elevator position before the power failure is maintained even after the power is restored.


In the past, it was necessary to move the elevator cage to the reset position in order to reset the elevator cage position information when power is restored after a power failure.

The PSMM series Bestact magnetic proximity switches, which do not require a power supply and can maintain the contact state (ON/OFF state), are used as position detection switches that can maintain the cage position information even in the event of a power failure.

 Adopted Products

③ Pedestal position detection switch

Bestact magnetic proximity switches are used to detect the pedestal position of standing parked machines. The pedestal stop position is detected in adverse environments where rain and dust are generated.


Conventional limit switches used in outdoor environments sometimes failed to detect the position of the pedestal because they did not operate due to factors such as dust clogging the base of the lever.

This is why the PSMS-RV series of Bestact magnetic proximity switches, which detect position without contact, was adopted. The protective structure equivalent to IP67, which is less susceptible to rain, dust, and other adverse environmental conditions, and the high durability of the unique contact structure contribute to the stable operation of the vertical parking machine.

 Adopted Products